Scholars attend semi-monthly webinars to develop knowledge and skills to become faculty leaders and improve outcomes for infants and young children with high, intensive, interdisciplinary, individualized learning needs. Consortium members can access webinar recordings and materials here.

Date Presenter(s) Topic
03/27/2024 Jennifer Ledford, PhD

Gray Areas in Single Case Design Research

02/14/2024 Blair Lloyd, PhD

Marney Pollack, PhD

Glimpses into Observational Measurement

12/13/2023 Jessica Logan, PhD

Standards for Group Design Research

11/02/2023 Katie Taylor, PhD

Britta Bresina, PhD

National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER) at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

10/11/2023 Jenny Brown, PhD

Angel Fettig, PhD

Interviewing Strategies

05/11/2023 Kristin Schraml-Block, PhD

Michaelene Ostrosky, PhD

Visual Methods: Photo-Elicitation and Auto-Photography 

04/06/2023 Jenny Cunningham, PhD

Alyssa Van Camp, PhD

AI and Technology Assisted Methods for Data Collection and Scalable Teacher Support

03/30/2023 Jason Chow, PhD

Natalie S. Pak, MA, CCC-SLP

Systematic Review and Meta Analysis