Emily Jackson

Doctoral Student - Cohort 1

University of Connecticut

Emily Jackson is pursuing a doctorate in speech, language, and hearing sciences at the University of Connecticut. Emily’s research interests include early language screening and assessment measures, interdisciplinary approaches in early intervention, and family engagement and involvement in therapy. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and education and child studies from Smith College and a clinical master’s degree in speech-language pathology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Emily has worked clinically as an early intervention Speech-Language Pathologist and previously worked as a research assistant in the development of a touchscreen assessment of language comprehension in 2-year-olds.


Year Award Awarding Organization
2021 – 2023 Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award University of Connecticut
2023 Student Research Grant in Early Childhood Language Development ASHFoundation
Picture of Emily Jackson from Cohort 1
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